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Players and Jesters C.C. is known for our interesting mix of club colours (dark blue, light, blue, pink, green and yellow) and distinctive blazers of yesteryear!

We are proud to carry on a tradition of everything that's right about English Cricket on a Sunday...decent standard, friendly cricket (played with an edge and some chatter!), good opponents, nice grounds and great teas!

Here a few frequently asked questions about the club: -

The Abbey Theatre in St. Albans

We are a club founded in 1976 by actors from the Abbey Theatre in St. Albans. The club was originally called 'Abbey Players C.C.' until it merged with Jesters C.C. in 1998 to form 'Players & Jesters C.C.' We play only on Sundays, have our home pitch in Rothamsted Park, Harpenden and don't play league cricket, only friendlies. Although the team started as a group of actors, anyone now plays for Players and Jesters, although we do still have a few thesps in our team and seem to produce some theatrical performances throughout the season!

We have one team made up from a wide variety of age ranges and cricketing backgrounds and ability. Our players don't all live around Harpenden and St. Albans, some come from all areas of London to play which hopefully says something about us and how we play the game.

If you are bored with the drudgery and pettiness of league cricket (i.e. batting on for one bonus point!), played a while back and want to get back into cricket or are in the UK traveling for a year and want to play some fun cricket then we are for you! Come and play for us on and Sunday!

We travel all over Hertfordshire and the home counties and play (have played) against sides such as Tim Rice's Heartaches XI, Stowe Templars and Old Merchant Taylors as well as local teams such as Bamville, Harpenden and OA Cavaliers.

Matches normally start at 2.00pm and we normally like to meet in the pub beforehand! Also, as long as you live in and around the St. Albans and Harpenden area we can normally provide transport if required.

We would like to think its a decent standard, but we can fit everyone in since we are normally looking for players each week and the standard of our opposition also varies. Don't be detered if you played in the dim and distant past and want to get back into it, we want you and you'll be made very welcome.

Absolutely, not many of our team play every single week, there are too many other commitments nowadays such as families, girlfriends and work! As long as you can give us your availability in advance, you can be pretty certain that you will be able to get a game when you want to. If you want to play every week, that's great too!

Since we only have home pitches and not a clubhouse to run, we can keep our costs low. We don't have an annual subscription. Each game costs £10. For our home matches, we do ask you to bring along 'tea for two'. This way, no one person gets lumbered with doing the whole thing!

How can I get involved?

You can find contact details by clicking here.


Note to all players

For the foresseable, all games will be played under ECB COVID guidelines. Click here to read them.

Top P&J
Nathan K-M
Lose as a family, win as a family! For one of the very few PJs hat-tricks that we can remember, it has to be Nathan, but with special mentions to Jonny T and Jared.