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The return of the 'Beast of Totteridge'...
Chalfont shed before damage

It's a Kleiner-Mann at the wicket, cracking an off drive. Which one? Nobody can tell!! (An intact version of the groundsman's shed roof can be seen in the background)

On a warm but cloudy afternoon, the PJ's returned to the picturesque Chalfont St Peter CC with spirits as high as JT six (strap in, there are gonna be a lot of these).

Captain Evans won the toss and decided to bat for the singular reason that his league game the day before had been "rained off" for a few drops of drizzle. Luckily, it was the right call anyway, as the track was rather well prepared by the attentive groundsman who, later on, JT rudely smashed a 6 onto his shed roof (I warned you).

Evans and supreme leader JM opened the batting and Johnny promptly pulled his groin again. JM didn't worry though, as he knew we had PJ's very own version of Liam Livingstone in JT coming in the middle order to up the strike rate.

Once JM was caught for 15, after a decent opening partnership had been made, with the fairly young Chalfont bowlers being a bit wayward, it brought in young Josh KM. He looked stylish (not as stylish as JT bombing a 6, but still) and Evans and Josh had built a half decent total at drinks.

With Evans firmly set on a big score, he promptly got bowled after not hitting any massive sixes for 41, bringing brother Nathan to the crease.     

The twins batted well  together (with the PJs on the boundary having no idea who hit which shot throughout) until dad James commentators cursed them, saying they need to improve their running, and Nathan ran Josh out. or Josh ran Nathan out, or himself, no-one really knows.

While JT was warming up on the side, swinging 2 bats at once baseball style, before limbering up with the heavy medicine ball (to work that core right) Lord Warren of the Rod wandered in, told by the captain to get to his golf score of the previous day.

Nathan (we think) was caught out for a well made 20, bringing the graceful Dave L in. He and Rod did their best to get the score moving (not as well as JT obvs) as Chalfont rotated their bowlers with some weird frequency (possibly their captain was trying to get the right bowling combinations ready in preparation for the power hitting he knew was to come).

When South African Roddy was bowled, other South African Roddy marched to the crease with his usual vervor and did his best to whack the leather off the little red ball.

Dave felled a few lusty blows btoo ut knew the main event was coming so kindly gave his wicket up to his buddy "The Big Show" aka "Down Town JT".

And the main event had arrived.

Now, the full behind the scenes 12 part Netflix special is available, and Dave has brokered a deal for the 3 part book JT is publishing himself (called Born to Bomb: JT's masterclass in 6 hitting). but briefly, let's just say that JT hit 14 off 7 balls, one of which can only be described as a shuffle down the track, a full swing of the bat that is older than me (that he said still worked well) and then the little red ball disappearing, going up, up... out of here, straight on to the groundsman's shed with a loud bang. Magic!

This author was standing at square leg umpiring and has no memory of what happened after that.

PJs had made 188 for 6 and were feeling good.

Tea was great as Roddy gave me half a sandwich.

PJ's opened the bowling with 6 hitting extraordinaire JT and Rory with mixed results. JT went for not many runs (3 x 6) off his 6 overs, while Rory struggled a bit with his line and took himself after 2.

This brought on slightly taller South African Roddy and he was very unlucky to not have their gun bat Afzal caught twice in 2 balls.

Not to worry, as a contender for Champagne moment of the season was about to happen. JM had a bullet fired low and hard by the dangerous Afzal off Rod and JM snaffled it like he used to do to the teas at Highgate.

Madness ensued, as half the team bundled Johnny as JT tried to get a bit of extra 'action' from Johnny (like he hadn't had enough already) much to JM's consternation. Full explicit version is in the 3rd book. 

The calming presence of Dave came on for JT and bowled with his usual style and substance. He was about to be replaced after his 4th over, so the pesky blighter took a wicket. Then after his 5th, he was about to be replaced, so he took another wicket, and then did the same in his 6th, ending with nice figures of 3 off 7 overs for 27.

Rod was replaced by Nathan and then (eventually) Dave by Josh and they both bowled beautifully as ever, not as beautiful as a JT 6 over midwicket, but they're still young.

Nathan worked out one bat nicely with his knuckleball and Josh got the wicket haul his bowling this season has deserved, ending with 3 wickets for 16 off 3.4 overs.

Evans came on for Nathan and had 2 rather shoddy overs for one wicket and many runs and no balls, bringing Rod back on.

With Josh and Rod tying down the Chalfont captain well, as he tried to manage the strike, they were eventually all out for 148 as the dark clouds had rolled in. 

It was a great game, played in good spirit and will be remembered for one amazing moment: JM's great catch!



Match Scorecard


Players & Jesters CC
Evans b. Saarthick 41
Mason c. Keen b. Dalston 15
Josh Kleiner-Mann run out 11
N. Kleiner-Mann c. Keen b. Topliss 20
Warren b. Srijith 36
D. Luxton b. Eddie 13
H. Rodrigues not out 5
J. Taylor not out 14
R. Willmott
N. Herman
James Kleiner-Mann
Extras 34
Total 188 for 6 off 40 overs

Iles 7-0-30-0
Dalston 8-1-18-1
Saarthik 6-0-35-1
Afzal 4-2-8-0
Sewell 8-0-33-0
Topliss 3-0-13-1
Geordie 1-0-10-0
Srijith 2-0-25-1
Eddie 1-0-5-1

Chalfont St. Peter CC
Afzal c. Mason b. Warren 37
Srijith b. Luxton 18
Topliss b. N. Kleiner-Mann 5
Keen b. J. Kleiner-Mann 49
Geordie b. Luxton 0
Danny c. Evans b. Luxton 1
Iles b. Evans 7
Sewell b. J. Kleiner-Mann 2
Saarthik c. Josh Kleiner-Mann b. Warren 0
Dexter not out 1
Dalston b. J. Kleiner-Mann 0
Extras 28
Total 148 all out off 32.4 overs

J. Taylor 6-0-18-0
R. Willmott 2-0-20-0
Warren 8-1-24-2
D. Luxton 7-0-27-3
N. Kleiner-Mann 4-0-16-1
Evans 2-0-16-1
Josh Kleiner-Mann 3.4-0-16-3

Note to all players

At present all games will be played under ECB COVID guidelines for recreational cricket. Click here to read the latest - 17th May

vs. Fixtures Bureau

26th September 2021 1.00pm

Top P&J
Jonny P
A splendid return to form with the bat from JP, but sadly it didn't prove enough to set OAs a challenging target

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