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P&Js romp home in scorcher!
The lovely backdrop of OMTs School

As temperatures reached 29 degrees, P&Js enjoyed themselves at the picturesque ground of OMTs

On a roasting Sunday, at the same time as England kicked off their Euro quest with a win against Croatia, the mighty PJ's rocked up to the scenic surroundings of Merchant Taylors school for a well overdue PJ's game.

Once the team actually navigated which of the school's 13 cricket pitches was ours, finding our spot in the corner, we were put into the field under the baking sun.

Seamer Nathan KM opened up along with metronome JT and both bowled with real control and discipline, confusing us all as to which one was the old pro and which was the youngster.

They went for barely any runs and were unlucky to not take any wickets. After 10 overs, Dave Luxton came on for JT and Josh KM replaced his bro at the far end and both bowled beautifully.

Josh ripped it past the bat on multiple occasions and gave it some really nice flight while Dave drifted it into the right handers and bowled with the control and the elegance only left handers seem to possess.

Our first wicket was a sublime (inside his left) 1st slip snaffle from Father of Bowlers, James KM, apparently, as this wicket keeper/author only saw the ball fly off the edge of the bat over my head.

I did hear a cheer though as the field moved in to celebrate with James. While opening bat Parker stood firm for the home team, never really getting away, Jesters returning Royalty Sir Rod Warren, came on for James (who only went for 11 from 5 overs and at least 8 of those runs came off the last over!) and Sir Rod got his traditional turn and bounce, making life very difficult for bat Mashru who regualry complemented Rod's ability, before eventually skying one for 20.

After Dave finished his spell, debutante Mikey Rourke strode in for his first bowl in his first match for PJ's. Mike bowled with great enthusiasm and real control of his line and each over improved, eventually getting Shanta nicked off.

JT and Nathan came back and the "death bowling" specialists cleaned up the middle order, with JT taking two, including the obdurate Taylor caught by Warren for 42 and Nathan getting one clean bowled.

In truth, the home team never really got going and finished on a palatable 102 for 7 off 40 overs.

No group cricket teas were had but with several WAGS on the sideline for company it was really lovely. But the true star of the show was clearly the most handsome of dogs, Oscar of the Warren clan, who likes mangoes.

JM and Mark Walton opened up and fought through the heat to rotate the strike and tackle the dibbly-dobbly bowling. Mark, a man usually found smashing pace bowlers over their heads for 6, found the lack of pace to his eventual downfall for 12, but achieved his overall goal of not running out JM.

Josh KM went in at 3 and looked in good order until he was caught for one, allowing his brother Nathan in, who looked in good order and who was then bowled for 14.

Meanwhile, supreme leader JM, running 4s and 3s (after playing hockey the day before on another scorcher) was really sweating and working super hard to keep fighting through.

In came Lord Warren, who did what Rod tends to do and started hitting boundaries until he holed out to long leg. This allowed Mark Chalcroft to come in and swipe the loopie pie bowling (think WWI hand grenade type bowling) to the fence while JM shouted "Waaaiiiittt, Yyyeeeesss!" from the other end as tradition dictates.

It was great to see Mark smash the winning runs (no Stokes at Headingley celebration though!?!?) but JM carrying his bat was super heroic stuff in that heat, after 40 overs in the field! Ice baths all round please!



Match Scorecard


Old Merchant Taylors CC
Parker c. Warren b. J. Taylor 42
Yogesh Patel c. James Kleiner-Mann b. Luxton 8
Soneji b. Luxton 0
Mashru c. Evans b. Warren 20
Shanta c. Evans b. Rorke 13
Dias b. J. Taylor 5
Kunal Vyas not out 6
Sunil Jogi b. N. Kleiner-Mann 0
Sanjeev Shah not out 0
Milan Patel
Extras 8
Total 102 for 7 off 40 overs

N. Kleiner-Mann 7-0-14-1
J. Taylor 7-2-14-2
Josh Kleiner-Mann 5-0-11-0
D. Luxton 8-2-13-2
Warren 8-1-16-1
Rorke 5-0-19-1

Players & Jesters CC
Mason not out 42
Walton c. Kaushik Shah b. Kunal Vyas 12
Josh Kleiner-Mann c. Mashru b. Shanta 1
N. Kleiner-Mann b. Milan Patel 14
Warren c. Soneji b. MacDonald-Barker 16
Chalcroft not out 14
D. Luxton
James Kleiner-Mann
J. Taylor
Extras 5
Total 104 for 4 off 29.2 overs

Kunal Vyas 8-2-19-1
Milan Patel 8-2-20-1
Shanta Sivalingham 8-2-25-1
Dias 2-0-13-0
MacDonald-Barker 2.2-0-24-1
Jogi 1-0-3-0

Note to all players

At present all games will be played under ECB COVID guidelines for recreational cricket. Click here to read the latest - 17th May

vs. Fixtures Bureau

26th September 2021 1.00pm

Top P&J
Jonny P
A splendid return to form with the bat from JP, but sadly it didn't prove enough to set OAs a challenging target

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